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Say Yes To Sebum!

During the next election, you know who I'm going to vote for?

This candidate is a protector, soft, gives strength, provides true definition and leaves you feeling bouncy,

Who is this magical candidate?

It's Sebum!

Sebum is a thick waxy oil naturally created by the body that is perfectly composed for optimal hair health.

It conditions the skin and hair with moisture and protection.

In fact the whole point of the hair products we use on our hair is that they are meant to mimic our natural sebum as best as possible

I bet you are now thinking how come ive never really heard of sebum and if its so perfect why do we still need to do so much to take care of our hair?

Before you start thinking maybe sebum is one of those candidates that promises you magic and doesn't deliver

No! In this case sebum it trying its best to give your hair the best stuff possible but there are things working against it


1st sebum is thick with 2 Cs

Natural hair does not grow down, it grows out! The beauty of kinky hair is that it defies gravity with every single bend.

But when it comes time for sebum to slide along a curly hair shaft it gets stuck and has a really hard time on its own.

It often gets stuck and the rest of the hair (especially the ends) the hair without the sebum is left prone to breakage, dry, rough, with an undefined curl pattern.

So you see it has the perfect composition but does not have the ideal delivery system for textured hair.

This is actually why shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair because it is able to make the distance for the sebum to travel much shorter than when it is stretched.

Now that we see the flaws in our sebum, how do we give it the best chance possible to win?

Sebum Assistance

Sebum has an easier time moving inside the hair cuticle so using a mild heat like a steamer will open to get the sebum inside

Acidic PH of sebum should be copied for products to prevent inflammation, using clarifying shampoos like the ones in our black castor line will do this!

When using products in your hair make sure they are high in glycerides like our glorious glycerin to help keep the hydration high.

If you have low sebum production light oils such as jojoba, coconut oil, castor oil are the best to not clog pores and prevent hair growth

Defy Gravity

Due to the nature of kinky hair all the bends in it makes it more susceptible to breaking tearing and knotting

Complete sebum coverage would eliminate those problems completely

In order to help the sebum cote the hair and scalp completely you can add the Scrinch & preen method to your regular routine

1. Using the underside of the nail to coax sebum from the scalp and manually drag oils onto hair.

2. The best time to do this is after a good sweat (work out, sauna or other activities)

Self Care is Hair Care

Something that we love to say at kinky hair kare is self kare is hair kare because you would be surprised how much just taking care of ourselves can transform our relationship with our hair.

Drink recommended water daily

Internal hydration helps sebum production

More water in your body will help your body make looser sebum

Maintain exercise regime

Sweat is essential for sebum movement

Sebum coating entire hair shaft and scalp is the goal

Daily multivitamins

The right supplements will help provide the essential building blocks for the proteins your body needs to produce sebum

The proper use of sebum will leave your hair flexible, bouncy, soft, less prone to breakage, with defined pattern.

So tell me, are you going to say yes to sebum?!

Loved what you learned today? Share it with your friends and go buy some products made to keep your hair happy & healthy!

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