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Let's Talk Scalp!

Like our slogan says Start From The Root.

In order to have healthy hair you must understand what's going on with the scalp.

There are 4 major qualities all healthy scalps have

The scalp must be

Flexible, Stimulated Positively, Cleaned & Toned

Sounds like a workout plan right?

Don't worry it's not actually hard to do.

1.Flexibility & stimulation

Treat yourself to a daily scalp massage, yup it's really that simple.

Now a little bit of the science behind this:

The middle layer of the scalp, aka the dermis, is filled with blood vessels and collagen which give your hair all the good nutrient it needs in order to be strong and healthy. When you rub your scalp you increase the stimulation of the dermis. That blood will flow to those areas and provide even more nutrients to the hair.

Which means


2. Cleaned

Shampoo is actually your best friend

As someone is can sheepishly admit that up until about a year ago I didn't believe that there was a purpose for shampoo because I though it was taking moisture away from my hair, I can admit I wrong & here is why:

The Epidermis (top layer of the skin) is covered in cells know as the Stratum Corneum, the flattest and oldest part of the scalp. Its job is to provide protection to the vessels, receive moisture and hydration to from the deeper layers of the scalp and transfer it to the hair shaft.

But guess what??

If the scalp is not cleansed throughly and regularly the nutrients gets trapped underneath the Stratum Corneum and causes inflammation, breakage and worst of all extreme dryness in the hair.

Which Means:

Regular shampooing = Hydrated Hair

3. Toned

PH is Important!!

Scalp like the rest of our body works on a very delicate balance of keeping healthy bacteria and killing bad bacteria. Maintaining that balance is essential for healthy hair. Here's why & how you make that happen:

4.5 and 5.0

On a scale of 0 being stomach acid, 7 being tap water, and 14 being a bar of soap, the scalp thrives in slightly acidic conditions. Acidic PH encourages cuticle to lay flat which is the ideal. Flat cuticles allow sebum to move more freely along the hair shaft. If sebum is able to do its job you no longer need to open your cuticles as much to supplement scalp nourishment. Acidic PH of sebum should be copied for products used to supplement as found in all of our Black Castor Products.

Which means

Acidic PH = Better Quality of Hair

Loved what you learned today? Share it with your friends and go buy some products made to keep your scalp happy & healthy!

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