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Holy Humectants!

Have you ever heard of a humectant before?

No? A little?

Well Get Ready To Fall In Love!!

Not only will you leave here knowing what a humectant is, you will learn what to look out for and why you need them in your life!

So lets start with an easy definition

Humectants attract water by draw moisture out of the air and into your hair, alleviating dryness and keeping your moisture content high!

That's right it literally pulls the H20 out of the air and traps it in your hair. In love already? Let's tell you where to get them!

Humectants are everywhere!


A lot of house hold items are natural humectants, that's why you see them advertised as a major part of a lot of hair and skin products

Honey, Aloe Vera, Lactic Acid, Sugar Cane, Glycerin are all examples!

In fact, If one of these are not listed as one of the first 5 ingredients in any of your hair and skin products (including ours)


Now that you only have products high in humectants how do you use them?

Layer it on!

Humectants are so versatile they can be applied in so many different ways

The most important thing is layering it up

Humectants like our Glorious Glycerin can be used in so many different ways!

Mixed with water and sprayed on hair

Mixed with conditioner

Can be used independently

Porosity Use

Low - use liquid versions

Med- can use all kinds

High - mix in with heavier products

Humectant Percautions

Do not use when attempting to straighten hair will cause really bad frizzing

Avoid having freshly wet hair when going outdoors in really cold temperatures (Winter Months)

So Now Don't You Love Humectants!?

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