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Hair Typing is BS!

If I a had a dollar for every time I saw someone in real life or on social media telling someone else that they are lying about their hair type,

I would be able to give all my customers a life time supply of products for free!

Even when you rule out the internet trolls and the online bullies their is still a lot of confusion when it comes to hair typing.

So why is it so confusing??

Because there is no such thing as hair typing!

It has become the way a majority of naturals categorize there hair and enough is enough because it does not actually help you grow healthy hair and at Kinky Hair Kare all we care about is healthy hair.

What Creates Hair Texture?

Have you ever taken the edge of a scissors and run it along a balloon string in order to make it curly?

Well that is exactly what happens to our hair strands.

Our hair follicle openings are flat.

So as our hair pushes through the scalp to the surface the hair it acts like the ballon string, gliding against the edge of the follicle opening coming out the other end curly

And Guess What?!

Every single strand will come out differently!

There are so many more important factors when it comes to the treatment of hair

What's Actually Important?

Hair Density

We often use words like Thick & Thin to describe our natural hair but those words are not actually helpful when it comes to taking care of natural hair.

Kinky hair is actually the thinest hair strand that's why it is so prone to breakage and damage.

What we are often describing is hair density

Try adding these words to your vocabulary instead

Low Density, Medium Density, High Density

The average human head has between 90,00 - 150,000 strands of hair on their head and it is mostly determined by genetics

In the End the main goal for all hair densities are to:

Retain the integrity of the hair strands you have to maintain fullness at any age

The higher your hair density just means a bigger volume of product should be used to care for all your strands


Don't Forget About Porosity!

This again?

Yes! And it won't be the last time either

Hair Porosity is one of the most important factors in understanding how to properly take care of your hair.

That's why we dedicated an entire lesson to it, but here are the highlights once again.

Porosity measures the level of damage of the hair cuticle ranging on a sale of low to high.

Low being the healthiest usually referred to as new growth

High being the most damaged usually at the ends of the hair

And if your take care of your hair Medium Porosity will be everything in between

Loved what you learned today? Share it with your friends and go buy some products made to keep your hair happy & healthy!

Please watch our porosity video if you would like a more in depth explanation.

So the next time someone ask you what your hair type is instead of saying something like 4b or 3c, explain to them that your hair has a low density with a medium porosity!

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