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Hydrating Ingredients Backed By Science

How many times have you looked at a product's label and had no idea what 90% of the ingredients were?

Well, NO MORE!

We have designed our products so you can know exactly what is in them and why we put them there. Scroll down to see more

Aloe Vera


Draw moisture out of the air and help alleviate dryness.


Humectants attract water to the hair to keep the moisture content high

- Aloe vera
-Glycerin (Ethylhexylglycerin, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin)

Why Know Ingredients?

As of 2020 the natural hair industry is worth 8.54 Billion Dollars in the US. Yet how many scandals have there been at multi million dollar companies putting terrible ingredients in our products because we did not know what to look for. Kinky Hair Kare is here to stop companies from ever taking advantage of us again.

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Herb Infused Oils


Strengthen your hair, Oils increases the elasticity of hair, which means that it's less prone to breakage

-Ricebran Oil (Rich in Vitamins)                                                     -Black Castor Seed Oil
-Shea Butter                                                                                -Rosemary Essential Oil
-Peppermint Essential Oil                                                                   -Sweet Almond Oil
-Olive Oil                                                                                      -Organic Sunflower Oil
-Avocado Oil                                                                             -Chamomile Essential Oil

-Lavender Essential Oil


A group of substances that are needed for normal cell function,

growth, and development.
-dl-Panthenol (Vitamin B, Vitamin B5, Plant Based)
-Stearic Acid (Fatty acid, protein building blocks)
-Vitamin E
-Stearic Acid[ Fatty acid, protein building blocks]
-Cetearyl Alcohol (Emulsion to make it slippery and easily moveable) (Fatty Acid)
-Polyquart 10 (helps moisture adhere to proteins in hair)

Smoothie Ingredients


Herbal infusions are extremely useful in facilitating easier detangling of curly hair and restoring it to its proper pH level.
-Rosemary Infusion,
-Lavender Infusion


Help maintain the integrity of the hair products for and extended period of time, maintain product pH and prevent bacterial growth
-Phenoxyethanol Eco-certified gentle preservative


Compounds used to help thoroughly mix oils and water based products

-Emulsifying Wax NF
-Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (plant based compound used to enhance the delivery of other ingredients into the skin and extend the scent of products)



A compound made to decrease the surface tension of water to help clean and absorb moisture easier

-Cocamidopropyl Betaine[ Coconut oil based surfactant]

-Decyl Glucoside (gentle and unlikely to irritate or dry out skin, used in anti–dandruff shampoo treatments, eczema creams and lotions)

-Behentrimonium Methosulfate (conditioner-softener)

(Mildest Detangler made from non-GMO rapeseed aka canola oil used to improve the feel of the hair, prevent static and flyaways and soften the hair)

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